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Mountain Goat Hunting

Example of Sept. 15 fur quality. Pope & Young archery goat taken opening day 2014 season.

Our Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts are conducted in the glaciated alpine country of unit 6, upon our federal special use permit giving us access to 2.5 million acres, more terrain than we can hunt in a life time.

Our Mountain Goats have hair quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the country!  From Sept. 15 when the seasons starts their hair is high quality compared to other regions later in the year.  Why do we have such great early season fur?  Our coastal environment and glaciers, lots of glaciers.  An average day on top of the mountains in the summer time is still only 60 degrees during the heat of the day.  Our goats just don’t shed their fur like other warmer regions, giving us great long fur quality from start of the season to the end.

On top of that we have some great trophy quality, our Mountain Goats typically range between 9″-10″, with some record book Billies available.  We have a 95% success rate on these great billies, the last two season we have gone 100%.

We also do not have drawn hunts, all our goat hunts are over the counter tags, so no worries if you will get to hunt next season or not. These Mountain Goat hunts are regulated by a limited quota registration so the harvest is always low, & it keeps the trophy quality high. Alaska is the only state in the US with guaranteed Mountain Goat tags!

- Typical Trip Plan-Mountain_goat_hunting_11

Our goat hunts are pack-in stay over-night style hunts.  We use high quality gear to make this enjoyable, and a packer is included on every hunt to help with camp and getting your Billy off the mountain.

We plan our goat hunts for 7 days to wait for a weather window that will make us successful once we are on the mountain, there is no reason to sit in a tent waiting out a storm.  Typically we glass Mountain Goats in the alpine from the saltwater, then formulate a stalk. The average hike to camp is 2,500’- 3,500′ vertical, so good physical fitness is required for success.  That first day the goal is to just up the mountain and setup camp. Day two the hunt is on.  Normally we are successful in the first 2 days on the mountain.  If you want to do an archery hunt that time can increase by a couple of days.

- Travel To Us -

Travel into Valdez is one of the easiest places in Alaska.  There is a quick 45 minute commercial flights twice a day from Anchorage you have a good amount of options to get into town and avoid expensive bush flights.  Once in Valdez we will pick you up and bring you to Robe Lake Lodge to get you settled in.  The first morning we will make sure your rifle is sighted in after the long air travel, make sure license are ready to go and depending on weather head off to the hunting areas.

- Price -

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts
7 Day Hunts – 1×1 plus packer
Hunts:  Sept. 15 – Oct. 20

- Packing List -

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